Social Care

Victorious M Mangwendeza nee Mudokwani

Financial Executive Officer

One of the founders and sisters of Sisters Care Services which was formed in 2013. Vicki is responsible for the financial aspects of the company. Prior coming to the UK Vicki attained a Diploma in General Nursing, Diploma in Critical Care Nursing and Diploma in Midwifery in Harare. She was awarded a gold medal for being the best and outstanding student nationally. She worked in government and private health care settings at senior managerial roles, mainly in Adult Critical Care settings, she also worked as a senior Flight Sister for MARS. This meant she was responsible for planning and implementing medical air evaluations of the critically ill and injured patients.

Prior to forming Sisters Care Services Vicki worked for the Heart of England Foundation Trust (HEFT). Starting as the then ‘E’ grade rising through the ranks to Band 7 (Senior Sister). Her speciality is Critical Care. Vicki attained a degree in Adult Critical Care Studies at University of Central England (UCE) in Birmingham and also attained a degree in supporting Learning and Education in Practice also at UCE.

Vicki worked on the Critical Care Outreach Team for more than 4 years working across three hospital sites in HEFT. This gave her the confidence of being an Independent Practitioner and to be able to provide expert high level care outside the four walls of the Intensive Care Unit. This meant Vicki could look after any sick patient anywhere and was able to use her clinical judgement and escalate patients to a higher level of care if necessary. This was a very challenging and rewarding position she thoroughly enjoyed.

Vicki has also done home care nursing via renowned agencies in the UK since 2002, this included general nursing care, complex care and looking after ventilated adults and children with life limiting conditions in the comfort of their own homes. During this time Vicki did Adult Advanced Life Support and Paediatric Life Support with the UK Resuscitation Council. This became an eye opener for Vicki and gave her the passion to provide utmost high level care to prevent hospital admissions and making sure people remained as independent as possible and promoting their choice and individuality in their own homes. This became a driving force to the founding of Sisters Care Services.